Ashley Lauren

Ashley Lauren ‘Alive’ Track Review

Ashley Lauren Releases Fierce New Track 'Alive'

Ashley Lauren brings the energetic vibes with her new release ‘Alive’. It is a track which flows charisma from the instant, and the upbeat rhythm pays off massively.

Hailing from New York, Ashley catapults herself far from the big apple with many fans flocking far and wide to grab a listen of this new hit. Furthermore, it pushes forward with bite and the vocal quality, which is on display refreshes with its conviction.

Musically, ‘Alive’ follows a pop fundamental but a myriad of new sounds pop out of the mix as it progresses. So much so, it takes a hint from a variety of sources, including Gospel. From the start, it follows an anthemic foundation and the bold mix jumps out with vigour. As a result, we hear plenty of stadium-filling sections, and I can only imagine how colossal this would sound echoing out of a packed arena. Hopefully, one day soon, we will be able to witness this in action!

The highlight in this track is the chorus. It has a melody which grips with a hook which sticks deep in mind. Also, here, Ashey’s vocal blossoms and she reaches high into her head voice with mesmerising ability. So much so, her power and energy drip all over the mix, and it proves why she is one of the most delightful artists of recent times.

Overall, ‘Alive’ is a gem which appears to secure itself even deeper every time I listen. Also, the confidence which it boasts is inspirational, and it is the track we all need right about now, especially given that we are living through a crazy period.

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