Asha Gold ”Naive” Track Review

Asha Gold's sultry R&B vocals shine on latest single 'Naive'

Asha Gold is the newest London artist to be making waves in the UK R&B music scene. Since the release of her debut single, Asha Gold’s popularity has continued to grow exponentially, already having garnered the attention of Rolling Stone, BBC Asian Network, Colors, BBC 1Xtra, The Line Of Best Fit, and BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, to name but a few.

Back with her 5th single and first release of the year, Asha unveils the highly anticipated ‘Naive’, a rich and decadent slice of R&B. Following in the musical footsteps of its predecessors; ‘Too Good’, ‘Passenger’, ‘Debut’ and ‘Oscar’, ‘Naive’ is similarly backed by a fresh array of modern, “whacky” drum patterns and mood-setting piano that have become a signature of Asha Gold’s sound.

Produced by Mitch Jones, ‘Naive’ begins with a string of daintily played piano chords against Asha’s smooth, velvety vocals, before leading into a deliciously layered beat pattern for a welcomed injection of contemporary RnB goodness. Leading with an impassioned and gradually building vocal performance, Asha’s voice ebbs and flows with the beat, slowly ushering the track into a glorious and unexpected break two-thirds of the way through. Narrating a familiar tale of unrequited love, Asha’s lyricism is characteristically vulnerable and expectedly relatable, known and loved by fans for her endearing songwriting and unique ability to make her listeners not feel so alone in their grief.

Speaking on her latest single, Asha Gold reveals:

“I wrote Naive with Mitch Jones at the end of our very first session. The lyrics just fell out and within an hour we had the song — the verses were almost a freestyle when I was recording them. It’s about the ultimate confusion when someone is giving you mixed signals to the point where you begin to wonder whether they’re doing the same thing with somebody else… When a situation is not progressing, efforts are not reciprocated, and it’s all talk and no action, it feels like it’s more headspace than it’s worth. 

The beat began as an 808 pattern but we felt it was too conventional, so we replaced everything with these whacky percussion samples which have become integral to my sound and its uniqueness — it’s a song full of surprises.”


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