art-pop artist KENICHI & THE SUN shares idiosyncratic single ‘SWAN’!

art-pop artist KENICHI & THE SUN shares idiosyncratic single 'SWAN'!

Introspective art-pop artist KENICHI & THE SUN – aka Katrin Hahner – returns with the release of her eclectic new single, ‘SWAN’, out now.

Talking about the single, Katrin explains, “the real gateway drugs are not alcohol and marihuana, but neglect, violence, abuse, poverty, trauma, inequality and a capitalist society which is designed to foster only competition. Our current culture wants us to constantly rise up into betterment, improvement, even enlightenment, but every initiation asks us to first step down into truth, to look at ‘what is’ and to wake up from the numbing hypnosis of the day to day. This song is an edgy zeitgeist- statement that calls for more empathy, truthfulness, healing and transformation. Be kind. everyone fights a battle you know nothing about.”

SWAN’ is taken from Katrin’s upcoming album ‘WHITE FIRE’, which is due for release on 9th October 2020.

Introspective art-pop artist KENICHI & THE SUN – aka Katrin Hahner – prepares to release her bewitching new album WHITE FIRE on 9th October 2020.

Her most inventive and ambitious release to date, WHITE FIRE showcases Katrin’s unique ability to create boundlessly immersive soundscapes that are undeniably striking throughout. Each track flows effortlessly into the next, creating a powerful narrative from the offset that is both dreamlike and haunting. Katrin’s deep, rich vocal tone soars effortlessly over the percussive flourishes and swirling synths, creating a sound akin to the likes of Björk and The Knife.

Talking about the album, Katrin elaborates, “the centre of the fire, where heat is the strongest, is white. Nothing remains, except for that which is truth.” The album itself represents a puzzle of sorts, each interrelated song capturing a portion of Hahner’s journey, revealing clues which together provide a portrait of the greater truths she’s discovered and of her motivation for this exploration. The record was inspired by a number of significant circumstances, some of which are difficult to discuss: the loss of her father and the suicide of a close friend; the recognition of her dependence on bad habits and her determination to overcome them. Others were less traumatic: long stretches of time spent in solitude in Iceland, in snow or beneath the midnight sun; her rediscovery of musical forces like hip hop and rap, as well as encounters with less succinctly defined spiritual forces.

KENICHI & THE SUN formed in 2019 as an evolution and radical transformation from the dark-pop act Miss Kenichi. Katrin has already received praise from the likes of The Guardian, Gold Flake Paint, God Is In The TV and With Guitars, as well as BBC 6Music’s Lauren Laverne. Now based in Berlin and Reykjavik, Katrin continues to hone her craft, experimenting continuously with her alluring gloom-pop sound to create something that undeniably breathtaking in the process.

WHITE FIRE is out on 9th October 2020.

The track listing for WHITE FIRE is ...

1. A Tale Unfolds

2. Lost Mind

3. Jeanne

4. Splendour

5. Coming

6. Swan

7. If Loved

8. Guard of Dreams

9. Truth

10. Stack of Stones

11. Praise

12. Fake Scars

You can find more information about KENICHI & THE SUN at...

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