Appolonie shares music video for “Stranger”

It's another exciting offering from the singer

Easing into the year in the slickest of fashions, Appolonie is commanding attention in her enticing new track “Stranger”.

The accompanying video, shot in Marseilles and directed by Florian LaLanne, depicts Appolonie soaked in purple and pink hues, surrounded by others and in a retro car.

Oozing with spaced out, hazy guitar riffs, touches of shimmering piano and peppered percussion, “Stranger” has a natural groove that makes for an irresistible listen. With sultry, laid-back vocals and surges of soulful melody, the Anglo-French artist has an undeniable edge to her, with her sound reminiscent of the classic R&B era yet with her own modern twist.

“I wrote this song when I first moved to London to study Jazz at the Guildhall”, Appolonie explains. “The lyric ‘Stranger in the nightʼ is a homage to Frank Sinatra’s famous song and to the genre that I was studying at the time. The song is essentially about a one-night stand, but there is also a parallel with my experience of being a stranger in a new city and in turn how that city, London, felt like a stranger to me”.

Check it out below.

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