Anna Straker – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Anna Straker is a London based singer/ songwriter. She has worked with the likes of Rudimental and Years & Years. She has a new solo single out ‘Good Days Bad Days

Anna, welcome. Thanks for speaking to us. How are you today?

I’m great! On a massive high from the release!!

Tell us what the silver linings in Lockdown were for you?

Getting to slow down and spend lots of time with family. I felt like I needed a time out and this was a perfect excuse to stop putting pressure on myself.

Take is back to the beginning of your musical journey and tell us how your passion for songs began?

When I was about 6 or 7 I’d always play on my grandad’s piano, begging my parents to buy one. They eventually did and I couldn’t get off it! I wanted to be Alicia Keys. I ended up getting a music scholarship to a school and focused on classical piano until I met some pop producers when I was 17.

Five things you love about pop music would include…
  1. It’s bold
  2. It’s catchy
  3. It makes u dance
  4. It makes u cry
  5. And I love songs that you can scream the words to on a drunken night out
Please tell us the story behind the new single

I wrote this track during the recovery from my sexual assault. It is like my positive mantra that I told myself of days where my mental health got the better of me. I tried to remind myself of my better moments when I was having my worse ones.

How did Gabby Aplin get involved?

Gabby and I have been friends for a long time and have always wanted to collaborate. She got played the track and loved it and we thought it was the perfect fit to finally work together!

If your life was a film what film would it be and why?

Legally Blonde cuz I love pink and hate the patriarchy

What are your hopes for the rest of this year?

Release the rest of my EP ‘Growing Pains’, write a bunch of new tunes and hopefully play some shows!

Quick fire Questions

If you had to choose would you pick


Fearless or faithful                  Fearless

Candlelight or sunlight             Sunlight

Jacket or jumper                     Jacket every time

Melon or mango                      Melon

Britney or Beyonce                 Beyoncé

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