Andy B and the World ‘The First One’ Album Review

The fruits of unhindered ambition has worked in favour of everyone involved.

Andy B and the World ‘The First One’ Album Review
Although the tracks have a very original sound from many artists its lyrical content is punchy but something heard before however this is an album that is genre defining since it represents so many involved in the genres given.
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Andy Baker an artist with a brilliant mind has set out to create something ambitious, creating a worldwide collaboration album with around 172 musicians as well as showing everyone what music is all about.

Andy himself has worked with a few bands himself working with bands like Fandangle, Mr Zippy, up the all stars and New Riot, this collaboration album helps show the years of experience Andy has had with these bands and music in general.

This album is great for someone who has never listened to much ska or folk music, for those familiar with the ska punk genre, such as bands like Rancid and Sublime may be more familiar with the tracks put forward. It is hard to say what genre the album, the lyrics are blunt as if it where a punk band, but the monstrous collection of instruments give it the rootsy ska/ folk that was promised. However, Andy has mixed an album that brings together many different genres as well as people from all over the world, while also managing to give anyone with the ability to listen an accessible album that shows music in its truest form.

The song ‘Change the World’ is a track that exemplifies the range of the albums genres, the lyrics are about breaking free from the shackles of society by trying to make a difference, while the instrumental carries the listener through the story, the tempo change towards the last minute really shows the different styles offered in the collaboration.

‘No Righteous Cause’ ‘Eleventh hour’ ‘Times’ and ‘Frantic’ offer listeners a punkier sound with its lyrics and instrumentals however Andy still manages to mix the album in a way that allows all genres used a way to shine through the album.

You can tell that the artists had fun making this album, each layer of a track was added to by an artist with a passion to add to the project I do feel however that there would be confusion with who Andy B is and what the album is about unless you had already listened to his previous work or followed him on social media. Although it is all explained in Andy’s YouTube channel, which features an entertaining 33 part (so far) vlog, wherein he shows the process in which it took to create the album.

To get more context as a new listener, its recommend watching the vlogs as well as listening to the album that came from the fruits of 5+ years of hard work

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