Amey St. Cyr

Amey St. Cyr ‘Do You Feel It Too??’ Track Review

Amey St. Cyr releases uplifting single with a disco vibe ‘Do You Feel It Too??'

Singer, songwriter and actor Amey St. Cyr has previously appeared in music videos for the likes of Krept & Konan. Furthermore, she has written and performed the theatrical piece ‘Voices of the Motherhood’ with her daughter Zakia, where the two explore their relationship and touch upon issues of immigration, race, family and identity.

On her way to a successful career in the mid-nineties, she developed postnatal depression after her daughter’s birth. Free from her illness, Amey is now back with her retro-tinged music. She brings positive messages at a time where the world needs them the most.

With her music, Amey aims to encourage people to sing along to the catchy melodies. She designs her positive, upbeat lyrics to empower and inspire others. Following her recent debut release ‘Life Is Too Short’, Amey is now releasing her nu-disco anthem ‘Do You Feel It Too??’.

The single about two people meeting on the dance floor and feeling the chemistry between them as they dance is an uplifting track. With the irresistible, positive vibes Amey gives off, she immediately makes the listener want to sing along. The electric beats throughout the track transport the listener straight on to the dance floor. Her strong, energetic voice amazes within the second she starts singing. With the electrifying lyrics, especially during the chorus Amey impresses with a truly inspiring sing-along song.

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