Amanda Marie Wilkinson

Amanda Marie Wilkinson ‘Spiritual Level’ Track Review

Amanda Marie Wilkinson Glistens On 'Spiritual Level'

Amanda Marie Wilkinson is talk of the town at the moment. Why? She is fresh off the back of her latest hit ‘Spiritual Level’, and the quality which she delivers is impressive.

‘Spiritual Level’ kicks off with an angelic melody sample which sits alongside a thumping bass synth. The opener takes us forward with vigour, and it is not long until Amanda leaps forward to the mic. She gets underway as she means to go on, and she takes no prisoners with her upfront approach.

Singing with a high-frequency sound, Amanda shines radiantly. Furthermore, I am struggling to compare her to any other artist in the current industry. However, I can hear plenty of influences within the musical arrangement. Moreover, the instrumental sounds remarkably contemporary dance with a hook which many may mistake for, The Chain Smokers, especially with its rising drum fills and bold drops.

For me, the breadwinner on this track is the chorus. The melody is profound, and it sticks deep from the first listen. Also, Amanda drives her message home with her wanting a special someone to come back to her, she needs their love, and she makes it clear with every word. However, I would enjoy a little more harmonies in places. Furthermore, I believe it would sound even more potent if she were singing another layer with her lower range adding more weight to the higher end.

Nevertheless, this is the first track to come from Amanda Marie Wilkinson, and as far as debuts go, this one is up there with the most memorable. Therefore, I am eager to hear what else she has up her sleeve, will she stick to this electronic sound? Only time will tell, but I am confident that her next will be just as persuasive.

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