Alt-RnB newcomer Greta Lovisa is one to watch as she releases RnB pop track ‘Disconnect’.

Alt-RnB newcomer Greta Lovisa is one to watch as she releases RnB pop track ‘Disconnect’.

German-born and UK-based, Alt-RnB newcomer Greta Lovisa is staking her place as one to watch the year with her silky RnB pop track ‘Disconnect’.

Following the success of her most recent release ‘Questions’, Greta’s sassy contemporary RnB track ‘Disconnect’ uses a melting pot of influences including pop and jazz to create an addictive soundscape. With an unmistakable guitar riff and a silky, soulful melodic progression, ‘Disconnect’ captures you from the first moment. The classic snapping beat, whirling productions and brassy trumpet keep you on your toes and will ensure that the song is with you for the rest of the day. 

Lyrically Greta draws on the relatable burden of having to be constantly connected. “Since I moved to London, to focus on music, it has been hard for me to keep my social life in my Hometown intact.” Greta explains, “I am a terrible texter and I prefer real conversations. When I was writing this song, I actually had a completely different song in mind. But my phone was blowing up, with messages on messages and I had not been on my phone a lot. I got frustrated and started writing “disconnect” as this was what I was feeling. Sometimes, I would not talk at all if I could choose”

Greta was born into a family of musicians, wrote her first song when she four and has kept writing her own material ever since. By treating genres fluidly and making sure to maintain relatable storylines Greta is determined to create a unique sound and the next empowering track that has you dancing in front of the mirror. ‘Disconnect’ is a statement letting us know that Greta is here to stay.

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