aliensdontringdoorbells ‘Arrival’ Album Review

aliensdontringdoorbells offer up debut release 'Arrival'

‘Arrival’ is the, well, arrival of exciting new pop-rock band on the scene, aliensdontringdoorbells.

The first-class musicianship, high production values and radio-friendly vocals means that ADRD have a strong body of work which can now set its course for the people of Earth. 

The album features an eclectic mix of songs from the fascinating ‘Slipping Away’ – “about a girl who gets dressed up to go out so you think you are gonna lose her” to the paranoia influenced ‘Consummation’ which combines the two phrases to be consumed and to consume and reflects on the feelings of anxiety which can overwhelm us.

Pop-rock trio Aliensdontringdoorbells  have landed with a 2020 release for their debut album ‘Arrival’. Aliensdontringdoorbells are Dorian Foyil (Guitar, Sax and Lead Vocals), Adam King (Lead and Backing Vocals) and Christian Pearl (Keyboards and Backing Vocals). The band’s unique name was as a result of a conversation which took place between Foyil’s (then) six year-old son and an old man on a New York Subway platform. The man then turned to the boy and said “It’s because aliens don’t ring doorbells” and the name was born.

Whether it is the heart-breaking ‘Story’ (which has already gained an impressive 15,000 Spotify streams in one month) or the futuristic sound of ‘It’s Your Night’, there truly is something for everyone with aliensdontringdoorbells which will have ‘Arrival’ invading your playlists for months to come. 

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