Gaston McGary

AlexDrake ”Peace of Mind” Track Review

The Sophomore release by AlexDrake. ft. AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer

Whilst listening to the soothing electric guitar chords and gradually building drums in AlexDrake’s new tune ‘Peace of Mind’, one can’t help bopping their head along to the rhythmic masterpiece that he and AJ Perdomo have created together. 

‘Peace of Mind’ impressively has all the necessary edge and grit of your average pop-punk headbanger without compromising the track’s overall melody or meaning. The song was actually written as a direct response to the current state of the world; the global economic downturn, widespread political uncertainty, worldwide protests and the general disenchantment many of us have with life right now.

“The song really embarks on the turmoil we deal with everyday occurrences. Dealing with your boss, dealing with current societal stressors, dealing with any kind of aversion to what you love and what you want to do but still having ‘Peace of Mind’ to do you and follow your dreams, passions, and internal monologue regardless of what is being spewed at you. There is some kind of political background within it as well, meaning the hardships and terrible things we are seeing happening today are absolute atrocities to humanity and at the end of the day, we as individuals need to be able to combat what must be combatted while still loving ourselves and self-preserving when/where we can.”

Through ‘Peace of Mind’ AlexDrake offers fans somewhat of a reprieve from the chaos of outside, solace in the form of a song. He persuasively repeats “this is our time” throughout the chorus, so much so you might actually start to believe it. 

Look out for AlexDrake’s upcoming tracks; ‘California’, ‘Break Me Down’ and ‘Let It Go’, co-written by and featuring Nick Casasanto from Knuckle Puck. The collection of singles will combine to form his debut EP.

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