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Alexander Jean Releases Ballad, “Vulnerable”

Releasing their first song of 2021, Alexander Jean gets raw and honest in "Vulnerable"

Indie-pop duo Alexander Jean just released their new song, “Vulnerable,” on January 29th. The song is their first of the year, after releasing three singles and Christmas track in 2020.

“Vulnerable” is about letting your partner or someone close to you see you as open, honest, emotional, and raw, even though that can be one of the hardest things to do. The lyrics talk about building up walls, but then letting that person in when you know you’ve found your person. “I’ve built walls without even meaning to. They try to protect me when my heart is out to get me, but I fell hard. Now I don’t know what to do. I would rather push away than let you see me break.”

The ballad really showcases BC’s amazing vocals, accompanies by a soothing piano sound in the background. “Vulnerable” sounds like it is going back their their roots- stripped down ballads about love.

This song follows their latest release, “Highs and Lows,” which was another ballad about loving someone even though you both may be complete opposites. The sound became popular on TikTok quickly.

Alexander Jean has been using their TikTok to build their following and announce their new songs in creative ways. They also post music covers and more.


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In their most recent video, they announced after this song they have more on the way plus merch, which is a first for the artists.

We cannot wait to see what else they release this year! Be sure to follow along on their journey for more.

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