Aiva ‘Skin’ Track Review

British artist Aiva has dropped her latest sultry R&B inspired track, "Skin".

UK-based artist Aiva has dropped her latest seductive R&B inspired single “Skin”

Gaining inspiration from a multitude of genres and artists, including Etta James, Sarah Vaughan, and Amy Wineshouse, Aiva’s unique soundscape features aspects from all of her interests. Featuring a sultry and everpresent bassline, and a funk-driven rhythm throughout, Aiva’s subtle and alluring vocals glide over the delicate soundscape.

Aiva on the the powerful and fearless emotions contained within “Skin”:

“‘Skin’ is my truth, written melodically with no filters so it means the world to me. I feel vulnerable yet inspired to share my struggles and imperfections as a woman in a world where perfection is promoted. For a while I was a stranger in my own skin and I had to share that to help anyone that might be feeling lost too.”

Having amassed over 9 million streams across her tracks, and created vocal packs that have been used by over 53,000 producers worldwide Aiva is now focusing on recording and releasing the music she has been performing live over the last few years. Aiva has graced the stages of some of London’s prestigious venues, steadily building up a loyal following. 

With already a number of admirable achievements under her belt, with “Skin” Aiva is proving that she has far more still left to do.

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