Aaron martyn

Aaron martyn unleashes brand new track ‘Wintertime’

An ode to a special someone who keeps the winter warm, Aaron Martyn oozes cool in his newest track ‘Wintertime’.

Aaron Martyn returns with a brand new track entitled, ‘Wintertime’. With already, 20k + views on the music video to the track, Aaron incorporates smooth vocals, steel drum percussion and sizzling synths to create a fun and flirty rhythm.

The catchy hook and chorus boast the same energy as artists far beyond his years, his lyrics exuding the youthful joy of teenage love. He quotes the single’s inspiration as “a good vibe tune about being with someone who makes me feel good”, which is exactly what the carefree spirit of the track reflects.

The London teenager works alongside his producer father Darren to create his music, with his previous releases ‘Worse For Me’ and ‘Slide into my DM’ surpassing 47,000 Spotify streams collectively. An incredibly talented footballer, he played for the top youth clubs including Tottenham Hotspur and Charlton Athletics before setting his sights on becoming a full-time musician.