Ziggy Alberts releases new single ‘don’t get caught up’

Aussie based singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts has been making a name for himself with his great voice and powerful songwriting for years. His latest single ‘don’t get caught up’ is no different. The tune is as catchy as it is timely. Ziggy wrote the single this April while the world was experiencing uncertainty, uncertainty which remains at the time of its release.

Ziggy says, “I wrote this song in April 2020. It was my way of expressing what I think is most important right now – to not let fear create distance between each other. I think it’s easy in these times to distance one another for having different views – when really, everyone’s trying to do the right thing. We should encourage each other to be asking questions and supporting one another to have the freedom to do so.”

Alberts tactfully shares a message promoting togetherness and unity in times of uncertainty and fear. These messages echo throughout the track and are carried with a catchy chorus with lyrics like So don’t get caught up/Letting the news tear each other apart/Fear’s been making money but doing nothing for us.

Ziggy Alberts has a special ability to tell a story with his music in a way that seems effortless. While listening to his music, it is easy to draw comparisons to artists like Ben Howard and Jack Johnson, but Alberts music has the power to stand alone. Often singing of the things and feelings closest to him, Alberts conveys these emotions beautifully into song and will leave you with positive vibes with every listen. 

The self-funded independent musician has accomplished so much in a truly grassroots effort. His music has been well received all over the world. This reception saw Alberts embarking on a 110+ show tour spanning across Europe, United Kingdom, North America, Indonesia, and New Zealand, before returning home to Australia in Decemberto play his biggest self-promoted, sold-out tour, to-date on his ‘Laps Around The Sun World Tour.’ 

Ziggy Alberts tells incredible stories in the lyrics of his music, but his path to music and success is equally fascinating. His work has seen him nominated for an APRA Song of The Year; Six ARIA Gold accredited singles, two platinum accredited singles, as well as an accredited platinum EP. With much more to come, Ziggy Alberts is a name that you should know in music. 

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Listen to the single here.