Yves Paquet takes us down on memory lane with ’25-28′

Ah, summer… There was a time, pre-covid, where it was deliciously synonymous with the beach, the sun, walking around carefree to explore old & new surroundings but also love, for some of us. In an effort to transport us back to when we could generously collect holiday memories, Belgian singer-songwriter Yves Paquet recently released his brand new single 25-28, unveiling his own Mrs. Robinson story alongside his brand new sound.

Initially popular through his successful collaborations within the electronic music scene (The Subs, Alok, Vintage Culture, Barely Alive), the Brazil-born artist has kept a low profile since then, investing his energy and creativity into finding himself as a solo artist. Inspired by albums he heard in his father’s room (The Police, Genesis, Semisonic, New Radicals), he fused those sounds with his love for pop music, giving birth to an organic sound that reinvents 90s alternative pop, with his single 25-28 marking the beginning of this new era with a touch of nostalgia. “It’s about how (mostly) your first summer fling in your small hometown or village isn’t the big love of your life. It’s not the end of the world but at that time it feels like that. I wanted to capture the sound of a summer in my youth”, Yves Paquet reminisces about his teenage days growing up on the Belgian countryside.

Produced by Ant Whiting (M.I.A., John Newman, Becky Hill, Ella Eyre), this earworm will win you over with its infectious chorus. To accompany the indie pop song, a music video directed by French visual artist and motion designer Jules Guérin is bursting with as many colours as the feelings that make our hearts explode when falling in love.

While more music is already planned for the rest of 2020, 25-28 already does wonders. Simple and light-hearted just like that first summer fling, the track manages to leave its mark, making us craving for more…