Voyou releases ‘Les Bruits de la Ville’ feat. Yelle

French artist Voyou (meaning Thug or Rascal) has released Les Bruits de la Ville feat. Yelle from his forthcoming album of the same name, which in English means Noises of the City. The accompanying video is wonderfully put together – a moving collage of Paris which features Voyou, Yelle and the Eiffel Tower playing the trumpet.

Voyou’s music oscillates between naturalist chanson and jolly electro, at the crossroads between the pleasant nonchalance of Mac DeMarco and the benevolence of Alain Souchon. With impressive liberty and richness, his noises of the city echo the promise of a formidable form of pop. A promise Voyou has every intention of keeping.

Voyou’s debut album ‘Les Bruits de la Ville’ is being released on 15th February via Enterprise.