Ambient artist Tim Bettinson (aka Vancouver Sleep Clinic) is back with a new EP.

A fitting title, ‘Therapy Phase 01‘ and ’02’ mark the first release after breaking away from Columbia Records, after a seemingly never-ending legal battle with the label that left him questioning whether to continue making music. “Mentally, it was the most difficult year of my life so far,” he says of the ordeal in a recent interview with “It took me a long time to find myself and rediscover any sort of passion or energy, but when I learned how to channel all the emotion that had been swelling up inside of me into the music, it was a game changer.”

And a game changer it was indeed. This release marks a distinctly new sound, as if the music itself had shed the guitar and sad boy haircut and donned a fitted cap, grew its hair out, and put on streetwear, ready to adopt a new style. Thankfully, however, VSC has not ceased to create albums that not only contain audio, but an entire aura to go with it.

The re-release of Therapy Phase 02 features a slightly different tracklist: it mourns the loss of ‘Babylon’, ‘Trippin’, and ‘Bloodshot’, but replaces them with notable tracks ‘405’, ‘Mercy’ (feat. Ebhoni), and ‘Forgiven’. It, however, still includes ‘Silver Lining’, a single released back in May that gained quite a bit of traction amongst those that enjoy ambient pop with hip-hop influences.

With the change, ‘TP02’ takes on a bit of a different vibe— more ambient, and more in tune with his record-label-era releases. We’re unaware of why VSC decided to change the track listing, but we hope he will consider re-releasing the lost songs in the future, as and Bloodshot especially showcased his range of sound and teased us for new material that will come next.

The updated ’Therapy Phase 02’ is out now via self-release, available on all platforms. Listen below.

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