US Punk Rap Artist Juiceboxxx releases new single ‘Coinstar Song’

Who is Juiceboxxx? Juiceboxxx is the best kind of crazy–an appropriate term for the interesting times in which we live–which is to say: insatiably creative and working with positivity in the face of darkness. Music is, as Juice himself says, essential, and for life. And no one else on earth is approaching it quite like him.

On 10th May he is set to release a brand new single “Coinstar Song” via Dangerbird Records. Produced by Juiceboxxx and Joel Hamilton (who has worked with everyone from Black Keys to Cam’Ron to Iggy Pop), the track is taken from his forthcoming new album and is about using a machine that converts your desperate, random left-over coin collection into cold hard cash, all in the name of “trying to get by.” Well. Who couldn’t relate to that? Simply put, “Coinstar Song” is the new precarity anthem for a generation of young people living one day at a time. Full video is coming but in the meantime have a taster here:

As for Juiceboxxx himself, the Milwaukee-bred artist is quite simply the first and last of his kind. He grew up in the 2000s within the noise, punk rock, and underground rap communities of Wisconsin. A prolific music maker since he was a teenager, Juice has accrued legendary status in the American underground, but his new material is a next step move into the realm of music that is singular with true crossover appeal. “I’m always trying to do stuff that is both triumphant and full of pathos. Self-aware but positive. A new kind of anthem for our confusing era,” Juiceboxxx says.

There are so many strings attached to the eclectic, leftfield Juiceboxxx bow it is hard to know where to begin. First off: he runs the label Thunder Zone, which has done everything from release vinyl and VHS tapes to clothing and energy drinks. Under that banner he has collaborated with respected underground artists like the rapper Lil Ugly Mane, the artist Molly Soda, the band Odwalla1221 and members of the late art collective Paper Rad. In the spirit of Factory Records, every release gets a catalogue number, no matter what the medium. 

Secondly, he is also creator and curator of The Boxxx Report, which is both a bi-weekly newsletter focusing on new music, a radio show on the London internet station NTS, a Spotify playlist, and a vlog. Thirdly, He is no stranger to taking his music across the globe and has toured with everyone from rap acts (Public Enemy, Fat Tony) to punk bands (Jeff The Brotherhood, Melt Banana) and played shows in over 18 countries: everything from dance clubs in the Ukraine to basements in Middle America, squats in Germany and tiny punk venues in Tokyo.

Juiceboxxx’s 2017 album ‘Freaked Out American Loser’ saw a great deal of excitement for his eclectic brew of crossover punk-rap. “Coinstar Song” takes all the existential angst and tension from the songs on that album and moulds it into a more accessible, transcendent whole.

As Juice says himself: “I love the most brand new rap and electronic music but there is still a place in my heart for The Breeders and Lou Reed and all that. Just pop music in general, from all eras. I’ve spent a lot of time playing with noise and punk bands but ultimately going forward I’m interested in making music that can speak to a wide spectrum of people.”

Is there anything he does not find time to do? It is doubtful. The Juiceboxxx train rolls 24/7…

And just so ya know…. Juiceboxxx will be performing at this year’s The Great Escape Festival at The Alternative Escape Day Stage at Door 77, Brighton UK on Friday 10th May from 2.30 pm. Be there!