Trevor Knight releases new power anthem “Not That Kind Of Guy”

Trevor Knight is an eclectic musician and singer-songwriter from Minnesota making strides in today’s indie music community. Currently, living in New York City, Trevor is often found attending networking events, playing at open mics, and has recently played at notable venues such as Rockwood Music Hall graced by legends such as Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Billie Joel Armstrong and more.

Trevor is a songwriter who writes about personal and relatable experiences. His latest single, “Not That Kind Of Guy” touches on being authentic in a relationship and not rushing into things too fast and being that typical guy stereotype.

Get to know more about Trevor Knight below in an exclusive interview.

Hey Trevor! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey there! Originally from a dirt road in Minnesota, I am now based in Brooklyn, NYC, where I write and perform my original music. Funny enough, when I was in college, I spent much of my days studying Economics and training as a Division 1 rower. Music was still a passion, but it didn’t comprise the majority of my time. After graduation, I moved to New York to pursue a career in finance. Once I completely took music out of my life, it left a noticeable absence, and I knew I had to change something. After two years on the job, I made the transition this summer to focus on music full-time, and it has been such a blessing. Outside of music, I enjoy being a fitness junkie, following professional sports, listening to audiobooks, serving at my church, and crushing Greek yogurt. I’ve recently gotten into the podcasting space as well, which has been a ton of fun!

Your new single “Not That Kind Of Guy” has both a pop and country feel. How would you categorize your genre?

I’m a shameless pop guy through and through. I’m attracted to grooving bass lines, layered vocal harmonies, and catchy hooks. I grew up listening to a lot of top 40-style pop, golden-age Motown oldies, and country music. You can undoubtedly hear some of those influences in my writing. I think “Not That Kind of Guy” has a country feel due to the live instruments used on the track – I felt like an honest and fun song was best expressed through the use of live drums, bass, guitar, and piano, and I love the way it turned out. Some of my other material going forward may have more of a singer-songwriter or rock feel, but I think my catalog generally falls under the pop umbrella.

What is your routine when recording in the studio? Do you feel nervous at all or does it feel natural?

Good question! I love working in the studio – it’s an opportunity to become a project manager and see your idea move from a concept to a tangible sonic product. It’s absolutely amazing. It can be hectic at times – I have to manage the schedules of the various instrumentalists and recording engineers, as well as maintain the health and preparation of my voice – but I never get nervous for it, and I have so much fun.

As far as a routine, I always have a plan for how to make the best use of my time in the studio before I show up. That way when I get there a few minutes early, we can dive right in and systematically work our way through the song. Getting the instrumentals done first is a huge preference of mine – it helps lay the foundation of the song and makes sure I can feel the full energy of it when I’m tracking the vocals. We will generally record instrumentals, then lead vocals, then harmonies, then ad-libs and such. After all that is done, the next stage is the most time-consuming: parsing through all the recorded material, choosing the best takes, lining them up, and fitting each sound into its place in the picture of the song. It can get a little tedious at times, but when it’s your idea and your vision that’s being formed, it’s such a fulfilling process.

We read you are from Minnesota! Are any artist from there that you listen to?

Yes! The most notable are Bob Dylan and Prince. Most people don’t know that they are from my home state, but Minnesotans definitely do!

Being from Minnesota and moving to NYC as a music artist must be a great difference. Do you see yourself performing at any home state shows in the near future?

Absolutely – that’s been a goal of mine since I started making music. A good portion of my fanbase is in the Midwest, so it’s only right that I give some of my most loyal supporters the chance to see me live. Last time I was in Minnesota, I went to a few open mics with my family, and that was a ton of fun. I’m working on scheduling some sort of formal performance there in the coming months.

If you could collaborate with one person who would it be and why?

Ed Sheeran. I have so much to learn from him as a songwriter and as a musician. He has released dozens of beautifully-written songs, and performs them totally solo to packed stadiums. His ability to seamlessly cross genres is amazing as well. He is an absolute inspiration to me, and it’s a dream of mine to sit in a room with him one day and talk about music.

What do you want people to feel when listening to your new single “Not That Kind Of Guy”

First and foremost, I want people to enjoy it! It’s a fun song, and I arranged the music to create a light-hearted vibe. It’s my hope that the groove of the bass, drums, guitar and piano make it easy to bob your head to. The narrative of the song isn’t common in music today, so I hope it encourages people to be themselves. My ultimate goal in making this song is that it brings a smile to the listener’s face while getting the message across that not all guys are the same. Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin!

Can we expect a NTKOG music video or an EP following the release?

Another excellent question! I have so many ideas on this. NTKOG is so fun, and I think a music video would be a blast to make and would be welcomed by my listeners for sure. I have a few different concepts I’m still working through in my head, but it’s definitely a goal of mine. As far as an EP goes, that option is certainly on the table for late 2020. I have a few singles I will be releasing before that point, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a longer-form release happened in the latter part of next year. It just depends what my listeners ask for!

What are your end of the year music plans and some of your music goals for 2020?

The sprint to the end of 2019 is going to be exciting. I am recording a couple more songs to be released next year, and I will be traveling to Miami in December for the finals of a songwriting competition I qualified for. I’ve also spent a lot of time the last few months networking with other artists and music industry professionals, and I plan to continue doing so for the remainder of the year.

In 2020, I’m releasing a new single and having a big show right at the beginning of January. I have a few more songs in the tank I plan to release in the early part of the year as well. My goals for 2020 focus on growth – expanding my music catalog, increasing the size and turnout of my shows, growing my network of collaborators, increasing my visibility on social media and streaming platforms, and finding new opportunities of all kinds. I’ve got a great feeling about next year.

We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you live soon! Any shows coming up that you can tell our readers about?

Yes! I will be playing Pianos on Jan 11th at 6:30 PM on a Saturday nightN You can find info and tickets on my website: I’d love to see you there!