TreeHouse! Releases First Full Length Album in 10 Years – ‘Full Immersion’

Having released multiple EPs, reggae band TreeHouse! Is finally releasing their first full length album together – after over 10 years together as a band. Full Immersion, released March 6th, is the long-awaited release from the band who has become a key player in the american reggae music scene. The album showcases eleven songs from the band with multiple collaborations with artists such as Dan Kelly (of Fortunate Youth), James Begin (of Tropidelic), Austin Smith (of Roots Rebellion), Sin. Dex, and Oogee Wawa on various songs. 

TreeHouse! Opens the album with a laid back vibe in the song “Prayer For The Day” – a single that was previously released along with the single “Natural High” (featuring Dan Kelly). Mellow vibes, uplifting sentiments, and positive messages are at the core of the new music from TreeHouse!, helping listeners to find themselves in a carribean soundscape that is easy to enjoy. Jam band elements shine through occasionally with incredible electric guitar riffs as in the opening of “Culture Shock”. Other songs, such as “Waiting On The Sunrise” showcase TreeHouse!’s crafty lyricism, while “When I Go” displays the slower side of the band with an introspective and meditative melody. Overall, Full Immersion is an upbeat yet laid back album that explores the nuances of TreeHouse!’s unique mashup of reggae and rock influences that has carried them across the country to new fans on multiple tours.

Had Pink Floyd jammed with Bob Marley, their sound might have come close to TreeHouse! Reggae, Roots, Rock, Jam and Psychedelia have never been fused together like this in the history of humankind, let alone so seamlessly. This band embodies enthusiasm & inspiration with a dynamic live show and life-affirming message. Situated in the Southeast US, right between Jamaica and California, TreeHouse! has formed a sound of their own with a timely, worldwide appeal. Supporting musical idols like 311, Steel Pulse, SOJA, Matisyahu, Dirty Heads and Michael Franti, TreeHouse! has also received nods from the Marley family for their single “Blessings”, and a feature track with Fortunate Youth frontman, Dan Kelly on “Natural High”. Now a sponsored member of Spirit Airlines #Music4Miles program, TreeHouse! spreads their message across the world.