Australian band Stars have released their third single of the year, “Are You With Me”, a haunting tribute to late Canadian musician, Gord Downie.

The Kevin Drew-produced song is every part haunting as it is dreamy, and is said to be inspired by the memory of fellow Canadian Gord Downie (The Tragically Hip), who died last year following a short battle with brain cancer. Kevin Drew (from Canadian conglomerate Broken Social Scene) had been one of the last to work with Dowdie, producing his last solo album, Introduce Yerself. Lead singers Amy Milan and Torquil Campbell were once regarded as touring members of Broken Social Scene, and this release saw them reunite once again for a tribute to their fallen friend. Downie was regarded highly by many in the Canadian music scene.

The band had this to say about the song: “To work on a song with Kevin Drew reminded us all of what a beautiful person and brave artist he is, and why someone like Gord Downie trusted him to interpret his last music. Speaking of Gord, the words to this song came about after Torq spent one liquidy night sending text messages to Gord’s old cell phone number. It’s very difficult not to miss that guy, and sometimes you just want to send a message into the ether and hope he receives it.”

The release of a third single had some fans suspecting a new album, as it does feel like the band is going through the ordinary motions of an album release (several singles, tour announcement). But everything Stars does is anything but— Stars released five singles for There is No Love in Fluorescent Light instead of the standard three, and the album release announcement didn’t come until well after the release of the fourth. So, we probably have two more singles to go if we’re getting a new album soon. Hopefully, if there is an album coming, it will be just in time for their upcoming tour, dates for which are below. 


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