Fresh from a blistering set at Boomtown this weekend, psychedelic sonic sorcerers MY BABY unveil the first single from their vertiginous fourth album, due for release this autumn.

The irresistibly upbeat new single ‘In the Club’  is a throbbing lysergic mash of Bluegrass, Disco, Funk and Trance conjuring up mescaline flashbacks with a pinch of Dolly Parton.

Watch the video here:

Inspired by the 1920s flapper girl aesthetic, ‘In the Club’s influences merge through frontwoman Cato van Dyck’s hypnotic vocal control.

“The club is a place where you escape to, a sort of purgatory”, explains lead guitarist Daniel ‘Da Freez’ Johnston, “it symbolises a faltered version of an ideal”.

More than just the band’s name, MY BABY is a central character in the band’s songwriting, a kind of phantom muse:

“This way of working allowed us to be very diverse in our songwriting. The labyrinthian dream-like world, where the character travels through different ages, inspired us to delve into Jazz and ragtime from the Twenties, the American songbook of the Thirties as well as film scores from Forties film noir and Italian neorealism.” Says Cato.

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MY BABY use live guitars, drums and vocals without the aid of computers or samples.

Gaining notoriety worldwide for their eclectic blend of roots-driven dance music , MY BABY’s sound is informed by Shamanic Chants, Blues, ancient Folk, 70s Funk, Afrobeat, Moroccan Gnawa, Indian Raga, transcending perfectly into contemporary dance beats  – deftly delivered by drummer Joost ‘Sheik’ van Dyck.

Catch them as they bring their bewitching beats back to the UK for a series of major festival dates:

AUG 17 Beautiful Days, Devon
AUG 18 Whirl-y-Fayre Festival, Avalon
AUG 24 Shambala Festival, Northamptonshire
AUG 25 The Great Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne
AUG 26 Sunday Sessions, Sheffield