Following singles ‘One God Damn’ and ‘Baby Books’, the Bright-based artist Michael Baker reveals another piece of empathic songwriting in ‘Past The Evening’ from his forthcoming album Salt. This time around, not only are we treated to the Anglo-French musician’s serene soundscape, but also his authentic performance style which shows Baker as someone deeply connected to his craft.

“I wrote ‘ Past The Evening ’ after I’d finished producing and recording my second album ‘Salt ‘, in one of those wonderful bolts of inspiration that seems to happen after finishing an album.I showed some friends and my manager the track and we decided it had to go on the record. It’s the first track I have ever written about how hard the music industry can be, and how thick skinned you have to be in it. I’m 30 -years-old and always thought I would have got used to the business by now, and yet here I am, and the music industry still just makes me want to hide away and ‘just make music man’.”

This music industry frustration is no doubt a feeling that musicians the world over have experienced and lovers of music will be able to identify this as a theme that runs to the core of many a great song. The rich, palpable imagery throughout ‘Past The Evening’ is connected to one of Baker’s personal life moments.

“I remember that feeling of listening to vinyl records and how an album can fill a room. In this song I talk about listening to ‘Ring Of Fire’ by Johnny Cash in my university days as it was one of the first vinyls I got at an old charity shop. I know the music industry can feel like an uphill struggle. But this track is about remembering why I got into music in the first place, a reminder to sow down enough to keep enjoying the process. This song is my realisation that I don’t think I’ll ever stop making music. Maybe not for everyone else, but just for me.”

Find dates for Michael Baker’s tour here.

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