A Grand Night Out with Spaceheads & Paddy Steer – Talbot Mill, Manchester : PREVIEW

This Saturday, Manchester Science Festival and Capital & Centric will be presenting Spaceheads and Paddy Steer as part of a 3 day Science, Arts & Music event in Talbot Mill.

Appropriately titled ‘A Grand Night Out’, the night offers the chance to explore how science has influenced music, combining cutting edge technology with the unquenchable spirit of Revolution and Rebellion. The event boasts an amazing line-up that blends science with not just home-made and traditional instruments, but stunning visual light shows from some of Manchester’s finest artists and lighting designers too!

Spaceheads set coincides with next month’s release of their new 13-track, 13th album ‘A New World In Our Hearts’, that will be available to purchase exclusively on the night! Consisting of James’ trumpeter Andy Diagram and percussionist Richard Harrison, the duo will be playing revolutionary themed tracks from the new album, with Diagram creating layers of brass loops and effects that he controls via a fish slice attached to the top of his trumpet, and Harrison creating cosmic, funky, electro-jazz soundscapes with his drum kit and percussive tools that you’ll see nowhere else!

Described by the event to be a “one-man band who fell to Earth from outer space”, Paddy Steer will be playing a set from behind his stacked array of instruments; including his home made-synths and xylophone. Steer creates his craft in the same way that he creates his tools, from scratch, and you can be sure to expect chaotic abstraction, expression and focused blunder from his set!

The nights live video and effects will be brought to you by Rucksack Cinema and VJ Chromaform, who will be responsible for transforming the Mill into a light show of pulsating colours and effects.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, the event will also be hosting DJ Special K, who will be playing the Sounds of Science with the help of the Tonefloat – a musical milk float!

One last exciting piece of information for you is that at the early time of 7pm, there will be an Illuminated Talk on Dynamics, where the panel will be discussing the ways that artists’ practice can assist science researchers to recognise new patterns and connections in data and visual communication.

Advance tickets are just £8 from the Manchester Science Festival Website and that includes a free drink – head over to the Facebook event page for more information and don’t miss out on this electrifying and unique event!