Gaspar Narby releases debut A Stare Makes Two EP + announces headlinine show at SET, in Dalston, London on January 22nd

Following on from the release of single ‘Words Of July’ feat. British singer LEES, the London-based Swiss producer Gaspar Narby is ready to unveil his first full body of work, A Stare Makes Two EP.

Flush with intricate beats, soft melodies, experimental eletronica and complex production, Narby sets down five tracks that explores the various stages and forms of romantic relationships.

The new video for single ‘Sight’ follows two people through the streets of New York, both going through the pain of heartbreak and surrounded by memories of their time together. One of the most poignant lines in ‘Sight’ perfectly sums up the unpredictability of a broken heart – “you never let me in, / So I let you go, / Then I cut you out, / Now the tables have turned, / And the glass is all broke.”

Speaking about the video, Gaspar Narby shares:

“The video for Sight was shot on 16mm by Theo Le Sourd, in Manhattan. I was really happy to work with the same director on all the videos for the EP, as he also made the video for Words Of July. Just like D.A.N’s lyrics, it follows the shifting dynamic within a relationship. The regrets, the memories, and the present all dance together in Theo’s take of the song.”

And when discussing the EP, the producer explains that:

“The EP is grainier and warmer than my previous releases. I like to think that after over three years spent in South East London, the influence of the music scene here is starting to show. Most of the synth layers were recorded directly on an old cassette-player, which gives them a saturated feel. I used the five tracks to explore my sound-world further. I guess my main focus was on vocals. For an electronic producer to have a fascination with the human voice may seem odd, because it is the ultimate acoustic instrument. But a voice carries so much meaning, including the entire identity of the person who’s singing. Building on this, and slightly transforming voices, was a powerful way to bring texture and meaning to my work. In the EP, there’s D.A.N’s voice, LEES’ but also mine. The voice of my girlfriend appears just before the second chorus of Words of July, asking in French ‘What do you want me to sing for you?’”

To tell you more about electronic producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gaspar Narby, he was born in Switzerland in 1996 and after playing in multiple acoustic bands and making a name for himself locally, he started building a home studio, aged 15, with the money earned from selling CDs. It was Franz Treichler, frontman of the sampling pioneers The Young Gods, who showed him the infinite possibilities of electronic music. He later moved to London to study Popular Music at Goldsmiths College. His first two releases, Home and In Motion, written respectively with British songwriter LEES and French producer and songwriter Tancrede, gathered over half a million streams in less than a year.

Gaspar Narby will be headlining SET, in Dalston, on 22.01.19.