Eloise Viola Plays 229 The Venue

Brighton born and raised singer, songwriter and performer Eloise Viola, conducts her music career with a level of constant professionalism and commitment.

Throughout her life, music has always been a burning passion. First struck at an early age by the music and performing talents of Lauryn Hill, she was further inspired to sing, write and perform herself through listening to her idols Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin and Adele.

Since focusing fully on music, US Based producer Brandon Friesen (The Kooks) was so impressed with Eloise’s voice and presence that he insisted on producing her first singles, and has since been instrumental in placing Eloise in front of some of the industry’s most influential players

With a new found sense of purpose and direction, Eloise has focused the past year on building her brand and honing a unique, contemporary pop sound. Working with Brandon has meant recording in L.A, with the first single “For My Eyes” as her debut outing. It’s a track that ebbs and flows between sombre moments and rousing chorus lines.

Catch Eloise at 229 The Venue on 22nd November.