It has been announced that Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have cancelled their tour of North America.

The band recently pulled out of their scheduled tour of Europe with Papa Roach after lead singer, Frank Carter, announced that he was taking time off from performing to concentrate on his mental health.

This is the full statement taken from the band’s official Facebook page:


When life handed her lemons, Beyoncé made lemonade…
Unfortunately for me, I’m not quite sure what life has handed me just yet.
Having cancelled four weeks of touring in Europe to focus on figuring out some problems in my life, I had hoped that it would be sufficient enough time to get myself in a good space to then get back on the road.

The reality is, some things take time. The situation I am in is progressing towards a positive resolve but as I don’t know when that will be, regrettably we are going to have to CANCEL OUR SHOWS IN NORTH AMERICA in October so that I can spend my time here with my family to make sure that progress is made.

America, Mexico… we love you and I assure you this was not a light decision to take. We will be back next year with full force I promise.

THIS IS NOT THE END OF RATTLESNAKES. Nor is it the end of me. I need some time, and so I am taking that time. I will continue to write and paint and tattoo and do all the things that I love while pursuing positive resolutions to some of the problems i am experiencing.

Tour is a beautiful, powerful outlet for artists like myself, it is also a time capsule. An alternate reality that you can only truly begin to understand when you exist inside it… and the very existence of it means you hit pause on all other realities when you are on the road. Sadly I have hit pause too many times on real life and now I am having to face the results of those decisions.
So for now, it is time to pause touring and allow myself the time to figure out what is happening in the real world I occupy with my family.

WE WILL DEFINITELY BE TOURING THE UK IN DECEMBER. For as much as I can’t put a deadline on fixing my problems, I don’t want to flatline the career that I love either.
I promise that from all of this chaos, a stronger, healthier, happier version of Rattlesnakes will emerge and we will then resume our plans of total world domination.
Thank you for your patience. I love you all.

The band have been on a consistent tour cycle since they released their sophomore album, ‘Modern Ruin’ earlier this year and have been lighting up the festival circuit all summer.

Undoubtedly, many fans will be disappointed not to have the chance to see the band play their raucous live show but a person’s health is of the utmost importance and hopefully we will see a happier, healthier and more determined rattlesnake in the near future.

The band’s UK tour dates in December are listed below:

01 Bristol, O2 Academy
02 Birmingham, O2 Institute
03 Manchester, O2 Ritz
05 Glasgow, O2 ABC
06 Nottingham, Rock City
07 Norwich, UEA
08 London, O2 Academy Brixton

The band’s latest album ‘Modern Ruin’ is out now via International Death Cult.


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