Drake’s ‘Boy Meets World’ tour has not had the best start. Drake rescheduled three dates (two in Glasgow and one in London) due to ‘unforeseen production setbacks’. He then went on to move to Amsterdam dates from January to March for the same reason. Bearing in mind that these are two dates he has already rescheduled earlier last year.

Other than the scheduling issues, the tour has been well received. Drake has treated fans to energetic performances of songs, both old and new, and setlists littered with special guest appearances. It was all going well, until last night.

While supporting Drake, 24 year old Travis Scott had an unexpected fall whilst traversing the stage.


The Texas-born rapper was in the middle of his hugely popular song ‘Goosebumps’, when he fell through a cavity in the center of the stage. Shortly after, Drake helped him out of the hole and he continued to perform. Travis’s lack of embarrassment is commendable, even tweeting that the show was ‘wild’ shortly after.

Unfortunately for the artists, Travis’s fall caused an ‘unforeseen production setback’ of its own. He damaged a large globe that was supposed to have been brought out onstage.

[contentblock id=150 img=iframe.png]

In an even more bizarre move, due to this unfortunate circumstance Drake then told the audience he would be doing the performance ‘for free tonight’. He then repeated it whilst bidding farewell to the UK audience saying ‘London, England I love you, I hope you enjoyed your free show’.

So, is this a genuine promise from Drizzy? Or has he taken a leaf out of Donald Trump’s book and made a claim that his team will not be able to follow through on? There is no word as of yet, from him or his label detailing exactly how this refund would work.

Drake continues his time in London with another performance this Saturday.

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