Currently Touring in Spain – Naughty Professor Celebrates Release of EP

New Orleans jazz-funk band Naughty Professor released their EP Everyday Shredder on November 8th. Filled with funky melodies and dynamic riffs, Naughty Professor showcases the magnificent talent that is shared amongst the 6 members of the band. Full of energy, every song creates an atmosphere that we find difficult not to tap our feet to. It’s easy to recognize the New Orleans influence on the band as their sound is a unique mesh of classical jazz sounds, eclectic funk, and modern strains of R&B dispersed throughout the melodies. 

Everyday Shredder EP is comprised of 5 songs, each with their own unique flair. “Pleides” is the first track, instantly grabbing listeners with its creative horn riff introduction. As it continues, we get a taste of the cohesive togetherness of this band as every note is hit with perfection. The next song, “3 Wise Men” was their lead single from the EP and is every bit as jazzy and funky as Naughty Professor aims to be. Taking on a deeper, grittier vibe, “3 Wise Men” stands out as a tantalizing taste of what this band is capable of as a group. “Masenko” follows with a distinctive cinematic intro before folding back into the band’s quintessential groove. “Oroku Saki” embodies a slower, sensual vibe showcasing the band’s ability to provide a wide variety in both their style and sound. It showcases a dynamic guitar solo in the middle that provides a distinct flair to the track. Finishing up the EP with “Fiends” Naughty Professor returns back to their experimental jam roots with a foot stomping riff between the horns and the drum that carries this song to end with a bang.

Overall, Everyday Shredder is a high-powered lively EP from the New Orleans band who is no doubt on the rise to global fame with their team of talented musicians and lively show-stopping music. Currently celebrating their new release on an international tour, Naughty Professor has several dates booked in Spain to bring their music to listeners worldwide.

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