Toronto-based artist Erich Mrak releases new single ‘Girls’

Born in Ottawa and based in Toronto since 2013, Erich Mrak is a rising pop/experimental hip hop/electronic artist. His brand new song Girls displays another aspect of his outstanding talents as an artist and songwriter, making his sound hard to put in a box. His new single Girls is the first track off his upcoming album Glimpse, it’s a great catchy song with an even funkier beat!

Speaking of the influences behind the single, Erich Mrak said: “The influences behind Girls lie somewhere between Post Malone, Tame Impala, and The 1975. With the guitar heavy production, processed vocals, and content derived from interpersonal relations. While the context of “Girls” centers around a recent heartbreak, the core message of the song lies in the supportive dynamic friendship plays in encouraging someone they can do better.”

With the release of several singles throughout 2019, Erich Mrak has amassed over 400K streams across multiple platforms. He has also been named as ‘one of the standout artists of the year’ by various people in the music industry.  He has been recording live performances in his living room, intending to release them between single releases over the next few months.