Tool promise they will release new music next year

Anyone who knows the band Tool knows that fans have been waiting a very very long time for some new material from the group. The last full length album the band released, 10,000 Days, came out over a decade ago in May of 2006.

But it would seem that the long wait will finally coming to an end next year according to the bands singer Maynard James Keenan. The singer recently spoke at this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards and told the crowd that they can expect new music from the band next year.

A lot of work’s being done, a lot of work’s been done. I’ll go on record now and say – you’re gonna see some new music next year,” he said.

In a recent post on Facebook the band said that bass player Justin Chancellor is now “making great progress” with his work on the album.

Earlier this year the band did release a snippet of new music as part of a promotional video for some clinics members of the band would be participating in.

Some fans of the band are sure to be cynical about Keenan’s announcement though. Over the course of the past few years there have been numerous announcements from people in the band stating that new music will be arriving shortly only to have nothing come out.

You can watch Keenan’s speech at Metal Hammer Golden Gods below and judge for yourself if he’s telling the truth, or if this is just  going to lead another massive letdown for fans.

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