Irish-based Italian rock/metal artist The Last Vinci is back today with a new video and single. Nemesis is out now, and offers up pummelling downtuned riffs, growling baritone vocals and a relentless assault of tense alt rock. 

“Nemesis is about the thin line that divides the reality and the fantasy world we create to justify a failure,” explains The Last Vinci, AKA guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Alex Vinci. “This music, this project, the Vinci, is the biography of life trip. Life that should not be wasted.”

The Last Vinci is Alex Vinci – a heavy, melodic Italian rock artist living in Cork, Ireland. He released his debut albumThe Last Vinciin 2014, ably backed by members of his former band Satellite. Alex is also part of the stoner-rock power duo Order Of The Mess, well known in Ireland for their heavy, chaotic and punishing low frequencies performances and for their 2018 debut album To Rock, Life, Love (which was acclaimed by rock press and Spotify playlists). No stranger to live tours, Alex has performed in Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Latvia and Lithuania – including prestigious slots at Sea Sessions, Italian Fusion Festival and Indiependence Festival. 

The Last Vinci will follow the release of Nemesis with a new EP and live dates this Summer and Autumn.

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