Credit: Red Bull Records

The Aces Signal Their Intent With New Phone-Centric Single

Utah’s pop bosses The Aces have celebrated the announcement of their sophomore album with the release of their latest huge single ‘My Phone is Trying to Kill Me’. It is the third single to be lifted off their forthcoming record ‘Under My Influence’, due June 12th 2020.

The third song in as many months, ‘My Phone…’ is a biting, in-your-face hit. Driven by Alisa Ramirez‘s table-tabbing rhythm and sister Cristal‘s scathing self-deprecating take-down, it is a song about the importance of stepping away from your phone (even for a bit). Obsessing over an ex on social media might be a good distraction, but The Aces recommend dialling things down. “There’s a monster in my pocket, yeah… That keep on tellin’ me just what to do,” Ramirez concedes.

Now The Aces have released their self-made “Quarantine Cut” video for the single. Featuring all four members, the group attempt to outdo each other with stake-raising methods of discarding their phones. Head-banging in the car, yeeting phones off edges and flushing them down the toilet, it is a cathartic watch for anyone wanting a break from social media.

‘My Phone is Trying to Kill Me’ follows in the footsteps of the infectious singalong ‘Daydream’ and the equally-cinematic ‘Lost Angeles’. ‘Under My Influence’ is the second offering from The Aces, a record that finds the group following up their brilliant debut ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’. If these singles are anything to go by, The Aces will live up to their name.

‘Under My Influence’ by The Aces is out on June 12th 2020 via Red Bull Records