Maddy Myers of Moon Panda on stage

Take a trip through space and time with Moon Panda’s new video

Moon Panda have released a wonderful new video for their latest single ‘Rabbit’ with animation by Andrew Khosravani and Rosanna Wan. The band contacted Khosravani after seeing his work for Citadel Festival in 2017.

Maddy of Moon Panda explains the brief given to the animators on the video: “We gave him very little direction because we wanted him to do his own thing and run wild with it. We pretty much just said think: space jungle. Vibrant colors & otherworldly adventure“.

Khosravani said on the collaboration: “I often get contacted with requests for similar sorts of stuff but I haven’t really worked on many music videos in the past mainly because I have this idea in my head of what kind of music video I would like to make and the songs don’t usually match that idea. However the second I heard the song I knew it was a banger and was very very excited about the idea of working on it. It’s a fantastic tune after all.”

The new single ‘Rabbit’ is out now via My Little Empire, a boutique record label based in London.


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