Bending genres and painting vivid sonic landscapes, upcoming Swedish artist Simon On The Moon crafts funky R&B pop with captivating funk.
Growing up on Beatles and Backstreet Boys, playing in various bands and DJ-ing, Simon On The Moon found a unique voice in production. Spending time writing between Sweden and LA, all while sharing a studio and working closely with Frank Ocean producers Jarami – the Swedish one-man band has been working to release a full-length EP, ‘Milk’ set to drop in March.

Photo credit Carl Larsson

The second single from the EP,Lied 2 U’ bears his sound and style that will make you want to drive fast in an old Volvo through a rainy night. The release follows singles, ‘Milk’ and ‘Hooked’, with the latter that quickly rose the ranks and positioned 1st place on US Viral and Global charts on Spotify.

Heavily involved in not just music but also artwork and photography, the Swedish artist comments more on the creative process “The main feeling I wanted to create was a melancholic groove. If I have to word it I’m trying to capture a Swedish sentimentality in a beautiful pop structure. Like if Ingemar Bergman was alive and made pop-music for his new movie, starring Natalie Portman”.

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