Sufjan Stevens to Compose Score for New Ballet

Sufjan Stevens has announced that he will compose a new ballet score for choreographer and collaborator Justin Peck and his upcoming project ‘New Peck 1’. The production will be the first in a 3-part show for the New York City Ballet, also scheduled to debut next year. Stevens’ piece will include a full-on orchestra, followed by Balanchine’s ‘Symphony in Three Movements’ set to Stravinsky and Peck’s ‘The Times are Racing’ set to the original music by Dan Deacon.

Previously, Stevens collaborated on ‘The Decalogue’ with the New York City Ballet last year and ‘Everywhere We Go’ in 2014 with Peck. Peck also had featured Sufjan’s 2001 LP ‘Enjoy Your Rabbit’ for his 2012 ballet ‘Year of the Rabbit.’