Steve Jones discusses the possibility of another Sex Pistols reunion

Don’t hold your breath for another Sex Pistols reunion.  The Punk legends may have reformed three times since the mid-90s, but guitarist Steve Jones effectively quashed speculation on further reunions in a recent interview, saying that he and singer John Lydonjust don’t talk.”  The Sex Pistols last reformed a decade ago but had done so twice before; first from 1996 – 2001 and again from 2002-2003.

Jones said that there’s no acrimony between him and Lydon but he felt “our marriage went wrong and we got divorced.  You don’t want to speak to your ex-wife, do you?”  Talking about the Sex Pistols’ attitude to money during the band’s original lifespan, Jones said “There were all these other bands saying, ‘We’re not like all the rock stars that drive around in Rolls Royces and live in mansions’. It’s not like we were going to do that, but we didn’t want to be broke either. Who wants to be broke? It was a stupid thing. I don’t want to live in some bloody squat. None of us did. I think I speak for all of us when I say we wanted to make dough like anybody else, and we deserved to make dough.”  That clearly still applies today however, as Jones has said that although a reunion wouldn’t be out of the question, it would only happen if the band got “Rolling Stones money”.

While it’s certainly possible that we might one day see the Sex Pistols return to the stage, it’s probably not going to be any time soon.

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