A little less than a year ago, it was looking like farewell from the trio in Stand Alone after their final show in July. But now the lads are back with a new line-up and better than ever, with a new single in tow: ‘Watch You Burn’.

Officially released on April 10th, this sneak peek into their next chapter is very exciting indeed. As ‘Watch You Burn’ blasts into life with heavy riffs and ballsy bass, we are reminded why we fell in love with Stand Alone, and thank the Rock Gods that they have returned to us. The harmonies between lead vocalist Gavin Stevenson, new bassist Alex Trigg and drummer Tom Durrans complement each other beautifully, and make for an incredible trio. We are treated to astounding melodic riffs and pounding percussion that you can’t help but head-bang to. We simply cannot wait to scream the words ‘I will watch you burn’ when they unveil this track live. If there was ever a song made for audience participation, this is it.

With vocalist Gavin Stevenson keeping their fans entertained in the meantime with acoustic live streams on their social media page, it’s certainly not a quiet time in the Stand Alone headquarters and we simply cannot wait to see what comes next for them.

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