Mission accomplished: the first record played in space at 94,000ft above earth.

On 30th July 2016 Jack White’s Third Man Records celebrated their seventh anniversary (and 3 millionth record pressed) by successfully spinning vinyl in space. The ‘Icarus Craft’ – complete with in-built, specially designed turntable – was launched into space on 2nd July near Idaho, USA.

The high-altitude turntable continuously played ‘A Glorious Dawn’ by composer John Boswell, which features American scientist Carl Sagan, during an hour and twenty minute descent to earth – at a speed four times faster than its climb. The vinyl was victoriously spinning the song even after its crash land into the earth. Carl Sagan assembled the first physical messages sent into space back in 1977 on board the Voyager spacecraft, which could potentially be understood by extra terrestrial intelligence if they find them. What better track for White to choose than the words of Carl Sagan himself?

Engineer Kevin Carrico explained how there were many obstacles with this venture – including the fact that vinyl has a low melting point of 160 degrees fahrenheit. This particular vinyl was goldplated in order to withstand the heat. With low winds, clear sky and approval from FAA/FCC, it was mission accomplished for Jack White and the team; “We hope that in meeting our goal we inspire others to dream big and start their own missions, whatever they may be…”.

This Jack White article was written by Annalise Watson, a GIGsoup contributor

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