Sony to resume vinyl pressing after almost 30 years

Sony Music, one of the largest record companies in the world, will begin pressing vinyl again for the first time in three decades after abandoning the format to focus on CD production in 1989, The Vinyl Factory reports.

A new pressing plant is scheduled to open in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture in south-west of Tokyo by March 2018, with the first batch of records set to be a mix of Japanese reissues and more popular recent releases aimed at the local market.

The rise in popularity of vinyl in Japan has been mirrored around the world in recent years, with the country’s only pressing plant struggling to deal with the demand, leading to Sony Music stepping in.

Vinyl sales underwent a long decline from the late 1980s and were predicted to all but disappear due to the growth of CDs, digital downloads and streaming services. However, vinyl sales globally are expected to reach £770 million ($1 billion) this year after hitting a 25-year high in 2016.