While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps go independent

“After 10 years of dealing with the ups and downs of the music industry we have decided to continue our journey independently and self release our third full length album.”

This was the start of a statement released on the bands’ behalf, after much anticipation,  last week. The band released this after teasing some big news over social media. Shortly to follow, came a PledgeMusic page, where fans (as generous as they may be feeling) could purchase certain items that are to aid, in the making of the new album. They stated:

“All money raised goes directly towards funding the new album, artwork, music videos, touring & anything that keeps our band alive. Help make this journey possible & watch our story: pledgemusic.com/whileshesleeps .”

If anything can be said with regards to While She Sleeps work ethic, it’s definitely that they have their heads firmly screwed onto their extremely hard-working shoulders. After the construction of their very own studio, it comes as no surprise that the band are willing to take on, with ease, the trials and tribulations that life appears to throw them.

Briefly looking at the meaning behind the newest single “Civil Isolation (Available for purchase now)” and reading the lyrics it becomes all the more clear that this band are definitely a group of lads who have had quite enough of everything being done/doing everything for the sake of society’s views.

“Sick of our society.
Sick of trying to fit inside a life I cannot lead.
Sick of always following.
Sick of trying to be another cog in their machine.”

While She Sleeps are not only abolishing the “cog” theory with this announcement, they’re making their own machine.

While She Sleeps’ new album is available for Pre-Order now – www.pledgemusic.com/whileshesleeps

This While She Sleeps article was written by Cara Smith, a GIGsoup contributor