Slash recorded a song with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and may release it

Slash of Guns N’ Roses says that he recorded a song with the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park for his debut solo album back in 2010.

Vocals for the track, titled ‘Doctor Alibi’, ended up being recorded by Lemmy of Motörhead for the final cut of the album. The version with Bennington on vocals had to be shelved because the other members of Linkin Park didn’t want it to be released.

Things have changed in the years since then obviously. Bennington died of suicide in 2017 and Slash has rejoined Guns N’ Roses for a massive tour which has stretched on for years and seen the band re-release a greatly expanded version of their debut album Appetite for Destruction.

The track with Bennington on vocals may see the light of day at some point, according to Slash, who said, “His family has got it so it would be totally up to them. It was really good. He was awesome. It would be fine with me if they wanted to [release] it. Musically it’s basically the same as the Lemmy song, but the lyrics are really poignant.”

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The version with Bennington on vocals was something that Slash says the had completely forgotten about, until the person who engineered all the demos for the album sent him a copy.

Slash then sent the version of the song to the family of Bennington and it’s now in their hands as to whether or not it ever gets released to the public.

Slash is currently set to release his third album with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators titled Living the Dream, on Sept. 21 of this year.

You can check out the official album version of ‘Doctor Alibi’ with Lemmy on vocals below.