Last week saw the release of Southampton-based pop punk/emo band Slackrr’s second single ‘Lessons,’ alongside their first music video. The new song received its first exclusive play on Voice FM before it was officially released on all music platforms on the 28th June.

Having released their debut single ‘Closest to Perfect’ as recently as November last year, Slackrr (comprising of Scotty Perry, Caitlyn Bowyer, and Dominic Gates) have gone from strength to strength as a touring band, taking their live performances as far from home as venues in Reading, Bristol and London to name a few. With reminiscences of 90’s and 00’s pop punk fused with unique conventions, it’s this style that has allowed Slackrr to begin making a name for themselves in such a short space of time: by bringing something new to the scene. Through taking influences from other genres alongside, the band have successfully generated their own ‘brand’ of pop punk. The appeal stems from the catchy melodies and big guitar riffs that feature and are delivered by the band’s raw energy on stage as well as on record.

The music video for the new single introduces a lighthearted dynamic between the band members alongside bright summer vibes in the form of party poppers and balloons around the amps and drum kit shrouded in the sun. ‘Lessons’ brings forward a new side to Slackrr’s music; while still obtaining the band’s energetic sound, it introduces a change of pace in comparison with their previous release.

Slackrr continue to tour around the UK over the summer months and beyond, as well as carry on working in the studio in preparation for their future releases.


The Junction, Ashford 6/7
The Slaughtered Lamb, London 7/7
The Strings Bar, Isle of Wight 11/7
The Harp Restrung, Folkestone 21/7

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