Sir Paul McCartney has filed a lawsuit to reclaim some of his American music publishing rights.

This follows the recent news of Sony Corporation buying Michael Jackson’s 50% share of the ATV Music music catalogue, including publishing rights for the Beatles, the Pointer Sisters and The Pretenders.

Michael Jackson purchased this catalogue for £28.8 million in 1985, in turn betraying his friendship with the Beatles. He sold half his share to Sony in 1995 and Sony bought the remaining 50% earlier this month.

According to the US Copyright Act 1976, artists have the right to reclaim their music rights after 56 years. The catalogue McCartney is filing for will be available in 2018. According to Billboard, McCartney filed in December 2015 for 32 songs.

McCartney will receive only a half share of the Beatles songs catalogue, with the remaining belonging to John Lennon, and only in the US.

Publishing rights decides how the music is distributed; the publisher then receives shares in royalties.

This Paul McCartney article was written by Fina Charleson. Edited by Ian Bourne