Singer/Songwriter Sheyi embraces fear in new music video ’Stronger’

British Soul singer/songwriter Sheyi has just unveiled a heartwarming music video for her latest single Stronger. Throughout the video, the singer addresses fear in a positive and relatable way.

One of the worst aspects of fear is that it can be paralysing; it stops you from doing anything. But I found that writing this song was a start in the process of overcoming my fears and not letting them control me.

With this video, Sheyi has used video footages of people detailing their own fears. The result is stunning and depicts the beauty of vulnerability. Her soulful voice adds depth to the emotional ballad track.

Stronger is my conversation with fear. It is me saying what I want to say to fear and finding a way to not let it control me. The idea for the video came from my me and my husband! I wanted people to show me their fears as well, so I asked my friends to send me a 10 second video of their written down fears. The video editor put them all together really well, and so that first image you see is really powerful It was amazing having all the support from friends and getting them involved. I then decided to sing in front of a wall of fears which also worked really well in the video.

For those who aren’t familiar with Sheyi’s sound, she grew up while listening to the music of Anita Baker, Toni Braxton and Luther Vandross. Sheyi started writing songs at 15 to use her voice to make a difference in the world and tackle topics that matter. Sheyi uses her gift to speak to and for people. She is also one half of the electronic duo called Clap and Thunder; refusing to stick to one music genre, she utilizes her voice to move people, hoping her message will resonate with people across the globe.