Shred Kelly talk us through the tracks on ‘Like A Rising Sun’

Alternative folk-rock band Shred Kelly emerged from the heart of the Canadian Rockies in 2009. The five-piece consist of Tim Newton, Sage McBride, Jordan Vlasschaert, Ty West & Ryan Mildenberger. Over the past decade the band have taken their highly energetic live show from humble beginnings on the Canadian ski-town circuit to the international stage.

Their fifth album ‘Like A Rising Sun’ was produced by Nygel Asselin and mixed by Ben Kaplan and is their most raw autobiography to date. This album is an honest reflection of band members personal experiences of starting a family, losing a loved one, and finally coming out on the other side, forever changed. The band took time with us to go through each of the tracks on the album in an exclusive ‘track by track’ to explain the meanings and influences in each song….

1. Rising Sun

‘Rising Sun’ introduces the album with a cascading banjo riff soaked in echoes, dancing around a thunderous drumbeat and lyrics that set the stage for the overlying theme of the album, love and loss. The song acts a reflection on the joy and pain that comes with loosing a loved one while welcoming a new life into the world, likening such upheaval to the dawn of a new rising sun.

2. Roman Candle Eyes

‘Roman Candle Eyes’ is a depiction of the tidal wave of emotion felt when looking into the eyes of our newborn daughter for the first time, having premonitions of becoming a parent, and living a life forever changed.

3. Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves is a sombre reflection on our social connections online. Our online experiences are half ‘Instagram happy,’ seen in the shadow of dire warnings of what’s happening in the world around us.

The song was inspired by the culture that online communication has created around divisive issues. Its chorus states that “we can be friends,” but if not, then the exact opposite can happen and pull people apart.

Nygel Asselin of Nyg Productions produced Dead Leaves, lending his dedication and innovation to create an amazing recording experience. He assisted us in capturing the duality reflected in the song, which addresses both the light and dark of the online world.

4. Take Me Home

‘Take Me Home’ is a look back on the past life of singer/songwriter’s Tim Newton’s father. The narrator of the song is spoken in the words of Tim’s father singing to his mother reflecting on their time together. It is a declaration of love and a realization that his life is coming to an end, asking her to take him home so that he can leave the world in comfort.

5. You Almost Meant the World to Me

‘You Almost Meant the Word to Me’ is a song about looking at a past relationship with rose coloured glasses. Being too hung up on what could have been. When the spring comes, trying to summon the courage to rebuild yourself without your identity being tied to that person.

6. The Hill

‘The Hill’ is an ode to the place that singer/songwriter Tim Newton grew up in. The lyrics are a portrayal of a life in the suburbs of Richmond Hill, Ontario in the 1990’s, as he looks over the town at sunset reflecting fondly on how ‘The Hill’ shaped him into the person he came to be.

7. Looking For

‘Looking For’ was written about the early days when songwriters Tim & Sage met. They were initially bandmates and spending days and nights together working on music, going to jam nights, spending all night talking – unsure about whether to cross the line from friends into a relationship, fearful that it could break the band up.

8. Underground

‘Underground’ is a dark depiction of insomnia caused by stress and anxiety, and compares continuous sleepless nights with ‘going underground’ each time while waiting for the comfort of the morning light.

9. Long Way From Your Heart

‘Long Way From Your Heart’ paints an emotional picture of the immediate aftermath of losing a loved one, wondering how to behave at such a moment and reflecting on life moving forward.

10. On The Horizon

‘On The Horizon’ is an intimate acoustic snippet of the first song on the album ‘Rising Sun’ taken from early acoustic demos and acting as a sombre reprisal of the themes throughout.

11. Disconnect

‘Disconnect’ is a song that is about not being able to see eye with somebody about damaging trends you can see beginning to repeat themselves. It’s how you can begin to sound like a broken record when you’re advocating for something you feel strongly about with someone who is resistant to seeing another point of view. It has a double meaning in that – if we disconnected from our devices more frequently, we would open up space to think critically by not zoning out on our phones, but it’s also about how we disconnect from one another when we only engage in conversation online, and don’t engage in face to face conversation like we used to.

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