Shibby Pictures Announce Good Ol’ Punx Web Series

Independent production company Shibby Pictures announce the upcoming release of their love letter to the DIY punk scene, Good Ol’ Punx. Through six short episodes, they invite you to uncover the underground, and salute the underdog.

Each episode of Good Ol’ Punx is centered around the common struggles associated with being part of the DIY music scene. From the absurd chaos of simply getting punx out of the house, to the unglamorous and sonically challenging reality of tour vans, Good Ol’ Punx is a gritty rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of the underground. These light-hearted vignettes showcase Kerley’s talent in teasing out the unusual amongst the everyday, and in highlighting the personalities of the musicians, allies, and fans who make up the ‘scene’. He describes the series as an affectionate caricature of a sometimes frustrating creative landscape which, like the series itself, is made for punx, by punx.”

To celebrate this announcement, Shibby Pictures have dropped a taster of what’s to come with the release of two full episodes, “Ready For The Show” and “Asking For The Show”.

Ready For The Show” lampoons the trials and tribulations of hauling four crusty punks out of bed and to their show. Sure, there’s no better time to take your monthly shower, demo some new accordion licks or unblock that sink… Shot in a single take and featuring a cast of characters from Greensboro, NC’s Tail Light Rebellion, it’s less of an insight into the lifestyles of the rich and famous and more of a look into the reality of the broke and unheralded.

In the second short, we join Wolf Chainsaw agonizing over the wording as he pitches his touring band Doom Meat to a regional promoter. Self-described as “if Belle & Sebastian had a baby with Alien Ant Farm”, Wolf toils away to secure a show amongst the bright lights of Rock Hill, South Carolina. This series may be “by punx, for punx”, but in reality, anyone who has spent any degree of time with a musician will find themselves grinning along with the absurdity of the musicians’ life.

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