Rare & Racy - Sheffield
Rare & Racy

Sheffield Musical Landmark ‘Rare & Racy’ to close

Protest against the closure of one of Sheffield’s iconic musical landmarks seem to have failed after the city’s council voted in favour of destroying Sheffield’s iconic record shop ‘Rare & Racy’. The site will be replaced with apartments, cafes and restaurants.

The independent store was a firm favourite with the elite of Sheffield’s music scene and most have been vocal in their disappointment of the news. Last year, Arctic Monkey’s drummer Matt Helders Tweeted:

Rare & Racy - Sheffield

Former Pulp front-man Jarvis Cocker also commented; “They say if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London then the whole place will collapse,” wrote Cocker. “I kind of feel if Rare & Racy leave Devonshire Green then a special part of Sheffield will collapse.

Cocker had been a visitor to the shop since he was a boy and remembers being “entranced by the place when I first visited it on a shopping trip with my mum when I was a kid. I’m absolutely amazed they’ve managed to keep the spirit of the place alive throughout all the intervening years … I’ve travelled all over the world and I’ve never encountered a place like it – and I’ve been in a lot of record shops.

Nowhere have I heard music like they play in Rare & Racy. Never mind it being a local treasure: it’s a global treasure.”

Local property agents (Coda Planning) have suggested that there are structural problems with the shop, and adjoining buildings, and that the site needs to be re-developed to keep the ‘urban village feel’ in the area.

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Sheffield Musical Landmark ‘Rare & Racy’ to close

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