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Senses Fail front-man hints at huge Drive-Thru Records reunion tour

Could a Drive-Thru Records reunion be on the cards? Fans of early 00’s emo and pop-punk were given cause for excitement yesterday evening, when Buddy Nielsen teased a Drive-Thru records reunion tour.

The Senses Fail frontman tweeted “What if we did a @DriveThruRecs tour w/ @newfoundglory @TheMovielifeNYC @TheStartingLine @theearlynov would you come?”

While this is all conjecture at this stage, all of the bands mentioned in the tweet are well-placed to partake in a tour. The Movielife are about to drop their first album in 14 years; New Found Glory have just released their latest record ‘Makes Me Sick’; the newly reformed Starting Line are touring their latest EP, and The Early November are still touring 2015’s ‘Imbue’.

In addition to this, Nielsen has confirmed that Senses Fail’s next release ‘If There is a Light it will Find You’ will see a return to the pop-punk sound heard on ‘Let it Enfold You’-their debut album, released on Drive-Thru.

At the beginning of the Millennium, Drive-Thru was home to the pop-punk and emo crop. The bands mentioned in the tweet, and others including, Finch, Something Corporate and Hellogoodbye were heavy hitters in an alternative scene in its prime. Even arguably the biggest emo act of all time-Dashboard Confessional-got in on the act, releasing his first record on the burgeoning label.

At the time Drive-Thru shipped close to 7 million records-impressive for an indie label at the time, and unheard of in the current age of music streaming and downloads. The label’s influence and legacy lives on in the rosters and business practices of contemporary labels, such as Hopeless, Rise and Pure Noise.

It may still be a pipe-dream at this stage; Drive-Thru has been inactive since 2008, and as of yet there has been no word of a reunion from their camp. However, given the affinity for nostalgia and reunion tours within the pop-punk and emo scenes, a tour of this nature is far from impossible. Considering the activity of the label’s former bands, there has never been a better time for this much-loved label to make a comeback, even if it is just for a one-off mega-tour!